Friday, November 30, 2012

Who has a Realtor?

My kids attend a school on the west side of Madison that asks parents to work lunch duty a few times a year.  Sometimes it's inside helping kids open milk containers or washing off tables.  We also work outside on the playground which requires a general supervision of children playing.

I have some clients who have a daughter who attends the same school.  I was working inside lunch duty the other day when this young daughter of my clients' entered the lunch room.  When she saw me, she asked her teacher if she could say hello to her!  The teachers and the lunch ladies thought it was hilarious that a 4-year old had a Realtor.

Needless to say, I have spent many hours with her and her parents looking at houses for sale and getting paperwork in line for the sale of their home.  I've evidently made an impression on her, since she referred to me not by name, or as her friend, but as her Realtor!  I expect I've left a positive impression on her and one that will last until she is ready to purchase her first home.  I can only hope that she'll enlist the help of a Realtor.

So, who has a Realtor?  Even some 4-year olds have Realtors.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Catalog Craziness

The holidays have officially arrived.  I know this not because of the Christmas lights strung from tree branches around town, or the holiday music playing on the radio but rather by my mailbox.  Yes, my mailbox! 

Yesterday I received 13 catalogs in the mail.  Yes, 13!!  Everything from cooking guides to clothing catalogs were stuffed into my postal box.  The poor postal carrier!

I rarely order from catalogs.  At some point I did and my name has now been sold to companies I have never heard of.  I know this because I receive their catalog!  In the past catalog shopping was more mainstream, but with the advent of the Internet, I find shopping with the keyboard much easier. 

But companies still believe catalogs work.  Perhaps they trigger an idea for the hard-to-buy for relative or maybe they spur customers to visit a store or go online.  Whatever the reason, I think catalogs are here to stay, at least for the short term.

As for mine, they are destined for the recycle bin!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Remember to...

I'm a calendar person.  I used to be able to keep everything in my head, but the older I get and the busier I am, the less effective this method is.  So, I use a calendar.

Here are a few things to add to your calendar:

Daylight Savings Time  - don't forget to turn clocks back one hour Saturday November 3rd.  Fall back...

Alternate street parking in the City of Madison begins November 15th.

Leaf pick is underway and will continue as long as the weather permits, typically until the first week of December.  Please don't put leaves in the street.  Leaves can wash into the lakes and cause nutrient build up and algae growth.

Left over jack-o-lanterns?  Leave those at the curb too!  The city streets department will pick up pumpkins at the curb.  Help keep those old jack-o-lanterns out of the landfill and save taxpayer dollars.

Happy Fall!