Monday, August 24, 2015

Talent and Taste

We all have talents.  Some of us can sing or dance.  Or we might be a great athlete or fabulous at math.  We could be able to braid hair with our eyes closed, or maybe we know all the yo-yo tricks.  We all bring plethora of talents to the world.

We all have distinctive personal style, too.  You might be the hippie type, or sporty, or classic.  Perhaps you prefer vintage or ultra-modern.  Or you could be eclectic.  This personal taste is often also reflected in our homes.  We are all drawn to certain colors, artwork, furniture types and patterns.  Sometimes these elements all work together and well...sometimes, not so much.

If you happen to be in the "not so much" category, don't fret.  It doesn't mean anything, unless you are trying to sell your house.  Because when you are trying to find a buyer, you want to be as neutral as possible to appeal to the most buyers.  But there are options to make your home shine to the buyers who have become more and more persnickety.

Home stagers are one option.  Some will use the furniture and accessories you already own and rearrange and redistribute with a new eye.  Others have warehouses chock full of home staging furniture they will bring into your home.  In either case it can sometimes make the difference between a quick offer and languishing on the market.  And despite what you hear in the media, there are homes out there that are NOT selling.

If you would like more information on staging or any other aspect of home buying and selling, drop me an e-mail or give me a call.  I am always happy to help!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Dog Days

I moved my oldest son back to college today.  I also registered my two younger children for high school.  The first high school football game of the season is Friday night and the Packers have begun the pre-season.  All of this on some of the hottest days of the summer.  While fall seems far away (at least I hope!), we are reminded that it is on the way as the days grow shorter.

We have also seen a slowdown in the Real Estate market in Madison.  People in the market to buy or sell turn their attention to last minute family vacations and purchasing of school supplies. This has been a typical trend of the last few years; we see a slowdown until after the school year begins.  In early September we'll see another slight uptick in the market with a few more seller's and buyer's venturing into the market.

Despite seeing a slight rise in interest rates (4.1% for a 30 year conventional mortgage as of today), buyers are still out there trying to find the perfect house before interest rates rise even further.

While you enjoy these last few dog days of summer, keep your eye on the Real Estate market in your area.  There is still plenty of "selling" season left!

Friday, August 7, 2015

June 2015 Home Sales

As we head into the Dog Days of Summer, some things haven't changed.  The Real Estate market on the near west side continues to be strong, with inventory low and buyers eager to find a new home.

Here's what sold on the near west side in June and early July.  How do these compare to your home?  Give me a call and let's find out!