Sunday, July 26, 2015


Three offers.  Six offers. Two offers.  It's crazy, but this is what's happening in the Madison world of Real Estate.  It's one of those markets we haven't seen for a while, and although it can be frustrating for buyers, it's great news for sellers!  And it seems to be the norm, of late.  In some cases, the house is sold before buyers can even get in the door to take a peek!  Craziness!

I'm working with Buyers who have lost out in the multiple-offer craziness.  I also have Seller's who have benefited from the same madness.

If your house is in a nice area, in good condition and priced well, it very well could be receiving these same kinds of results.  Give me a call and let's find out!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Perfect Timing

As the saying goes, "Timing is everything." That certainly applies to the real estate market, both locally and nationwide. The good news is – whether you're a buyer, a seller or both – right now may just be the best time for you to list or purchase a home!

I  pride myself on keeping close tabs on real estate trends. Lately I've noticed - much to the pleasure of everyone - a cross-country uptick in consumer confidence combined with low mortgage interest rates is fueling a residential real estate market resurgence. This is good for everyone! From job transferees looking for their next city-of-residence to retirees hoping to relocate to a warmer climate, most people on the move are finding the process much easier than at any time since 2006.

Additional good news, especially in Wisconsin, is that along with the summer's climbing temperatures, the real estate market is getting hotter and hotter, too. According to Wisconsin Housing Statistics, May 2015 saw the most homes sold of any month in the past eight years. And according to South Central Wisconsin MLS, Dane County home sales rose 24.7% from 722 in April 2014 to 579 in April 2015, and the median sale price of single family homes and condos in Dane County rose 9.5% from $210,000 to $229,900 within the same timeframe. Furthermore, the average listing price was $251,183 with an average of 78 days on market until they sold. This means the final sale price was 97.37% of the asking/list price.

The timing seems perfect for sellers, but what about buyers? Time is on your side, too, because right now, most qualified buyers can take advantage of a fixed interest rate of just over 4% on your new home, which will contribute greatly to improving your monthly cash flow and your ability to save for retirement!

How do you find out if the time is right for you? Call me!! I'll not only let you know how much you'll get for your current home in today's market, but can also show you everything listed for sale by every member company of the Multiple Listing Service. No cost – no obligation. It's your move. I'm here here to make sure the time is right for you!

Thursday, July 2, 2015


The burgers and brats are prepared, the grill will be stoked, the drinks are on ice, the sparklers are at the ready and the decorations are up.  We are about to celebrate what is the biggest holiday of the summer, Independence Day. 

We can be thankful for the freedoms we have been given by the men and women who more than 200 years ago had the foresight to envision a land of the free and a home of the brave as well as the countless who came after them to ensure those freedoms remain intact.  The freedom to worship as we wish, or not at all, the freedom to live how and where we like and the freedom to be and do anything our heart desires. 

So on this 4th of July, here are a few ways to show you appreciate those freedoms:
  • ·        Attend a parade
  • ·        Wear red, white and blue
  • ·        Put out your flag
  • ·        Sing the National Anthem (or hum it, if you prefer)
  • ·        Thank a veteran
  • ·        Smile for the opportunity to do all of these things!

Happy 4th of July!