Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Purple Day

The world, and Madison in particular, is a much better place because of grassroots organizations that promote worthwhile causes.  

This is especially true of my friends, Anne and Dave and Colleen and Dave, who tirelessly work, talk about and live and breathe Lily's Fund.  It has become a formidable organization to raise awareness and support for epilepsy research in our own backyard, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

One in 26 live with epilepsy, an astonishing figure!  On Thursday March 26 you can easily and painless show your support by wearing purple.   As the website says, "By doing this one simple act, you raise awareness and show support for those living with epilepsy. Awareness brings funding. Funding brings more research, better treatments and hopefully a cure."

Show your support for this local organization.  Wear purple.  That's it!  What could be easier! Purple tie, purple t-shirt, purple shoes...just wear purple!   I'll have my purple on...will you?

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

SVCA Meeting

If you live in the Sunset Village neighborhood, you are undoubtedly aware of discussion in recent months of adding curb and gutter to the streets in the neighborhood.

Most residents of this picturesque neighborhood, that I am aware of, are opposed to adding curb and gutters.

To find out more about this issue, attend the Sunset Village Community Association (SVCA) meeting on March 19th at 6:30 p.m. at Sequoya Library.  Eric Dundee from the Madison Engineering Department will be on hand to present on the city planned addition of curbs, gutters and sidewalks between Hillcrest Ave. and Mineral Point Rd.  This will provide a good opportunity to listen to the proposal and ask questions about those plans.

If you have an interest in this issue, it will be worth your time to attend.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Buyers, Buyers Everywhere

With interest rates still at near record lows and the employment market continuing to improve, we are experiencing, as predicted, an already wide open real estate market in the very early days of March. Stories of multiple offers on the same home and bids in excess of asking price have gone from the exception to the norm. What a fabulous opportunity for homeowners whose equity evaporated back in 2008 to get their real estate lives back on track.

Adding to the strength of our current market is the reemergence of long sidelined first time buyers who have discovered a loosening of credit terms and also lowered down payment amounts on FNMA and FHLMC backed home loans (from 5% to 3%). Big changes like these are combining to make owning cheaper than renting in many instances…and the millennials, along with the rest of us, find that a very enticing environment.

Current homeowners taking advantage of this strength in the marketplace can buy up with a much larger down payment than would have been thought of just a couple years ago. With 30 year home loan mortgage rates still in the vicinity of 4%, the cost of moving up is less than you might think. Its truly a Win-Win-Win situation.

I'd be happy to help you now, while conditions are better than at any time in the last decade. Get in touch today to discuss the possibilities. 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Singing Birds

Do you hear the birds singing in the morning?  I know spring isn't "officially" here, but in a few short weeks, despite what the temperature reads, spring will be here!  Birds are a lot smarter than us humans in this regard.

Like the birds who begin to "clean out" and build new nests, Spring is typically the time of year we throw open the windows and throw out the trash.  I'm not talking about garbage, here.  I'm talking about the "stuff" that has accumulated in our closets, basements, attics, garages and pantry's.  

If it's overwhelming, tackle a small space first.  Remember, baby steps are better than no steps!  Or, hire help!  Simply Organized with Jill can get your space whipped into shape in no time.  And you might even have fun in the process!  It will certainly feel good!

Follow the bird's lead...and whistle a tune while you are at it!